Hi and welcome to my homepage!

I used to be avid biker, book reader and PC gamer, but with time I switched to rock climbing. Alongside programming, these are my two greatest passions that give me goals and purpose in life.

I love rock climbing, because there are two aspects to it: mental and physical. At some point you need to keep calm and concentrated under huge pressure and fear of falling and on the other hand there is strain on the body. This is where nutrition and training come in place, to keep and increase physical limits. Climbing is great example of setting goals and working its way to achieve them, both short and long term.

I started programming with Borland C++ when i was around 16 years old due to my interest in computers. I was instantly hooked up. But, because I was driven by my limitless curiosity how things work under the hood, creating visual applications for Windows didn’t satisfy me at all but only created more questions: what is calling main? how hardware is related to software? Luckily for me, my first job as software developer was outsourcing for Lauterbach, working on micro-controller simulators and disassemblers for both popular (x86, x64, ARM) and exotic (xtensa, ceva, tricore, ppc, etc.) HW architectures and I learned a lot during that time. In parallel i started programming for ARM cortex-m3, creating drivers for different peripherals and testing in practice many approaches of making software. Until now, my biggest influences are John Carmack, Charles Petzold and Mike Acton. Because of my love for low level programming i ended up specializing in C and assembly.

This page is meant to be my notepad, where I can keep all information i find interesting or might use in the future. Maybe someone will find interest in some of them :).