unix string tools from http://danglingpointers.com/post/mike-actons-dod-workshop-2015/
app.exe thing.OBJ > 1.txt // store pipeline to file
wc -l 1.txt // calculate number of lines
grep a 1.txt | wc -l // how many duplicates
sort -n 1.txt | uniq -c // uniq removed contiguous dublicates

CMD replacement ;)

Notes for private use. These are not full articles, but still might be of use to someone.

No visual studio dependencies:
Project Settings->C/C++->Code Generation
Release: /MT
Debug: /MTd

— Excel —
1. stick top row: View->Freeze Panes->Freeze Top Row
2. add filters: Home->Sort & filter->Filter

— Total Commander —

How to turn on searching files by typing letters (by default when you type in total commander, you will start edit console)?
– go to Configuration->QuickSearch->Letters only

—Dry Jokes—
favorite programmer band? Linker Park.
Shop? Macro.
Meal? Wrapper.
Cutlet? De Volatile.
Sos? Tresos.
serial? Brancho (od ranczo :))
OpowieĊ›ci Skrypty

youtube show type? compilation

what;s is ghosts favorite data type?

Real story:
– I got you a ticket!…
– Really?!
– Feature ticket… >__<
– ..oh

pizza box problem:

 const int max_boxes = 8;
const int total = 21;
int bags = (total + max_boxes - 1) / max_boxes;

buffed climbers:

steve petro
kurt albert
john long

http://tubetime.us/index.php/2019/01/19/sound-blaster-1-0-principles-of-operation/ dma on soundblaster 1.0

The Importance of Deep Work & The 30-Hour Method for Learning a New Skill