NRC – negative response code
ODT – object descriptor table
OSI – open system itnerconnection
RTE – run-time environment
NAD – network access device, like GSM/UMTS/LTE
FR – flex ray
LIN – local interconnect network
DLC – Data length code, Number of bytes of data in CAN frame
DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code
MOST – Media Oriented Systems Transport
BAP – Bedien und Anzeigeprotokoll, multiplexing CAN protocol used for media data bigger than 8 bytes
RTR – Remote transmission request
XCP – Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol, network protocol used for diagnosing ECUs, that support variety of transport layers such as CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet, SPI, SCI, USB, etc
WUM – Waku-Up Master
BDM – Background debug mode, interface is an electronic interface that allows debugging of embedded systems like ICD
PDU – protocol data unit
ECC – error correction code
HVEM – high voltage energy management
MVEM – middle voltage energy management
IDS – itrusion detection
MAC – media access control
MQS – micro quad-lock system
MTA – memory transfer address
MTU – maximum transmission unit