Diagnostic descriptions

(based on https://vector.com/portal/medien/cmc/application_notes/AN-IND-1-001_CANoe_CANalyzer_as_Diagnostic_Tools.pdf)

CDD – CANdela Diagnostic Description

CANdela Diagnostic Descriptions (CDD) files are databases for diagnostic data, comparable to the .dbc-file used for CAN messages and signals. The CDD files are created in the Vector tool CANdelaStudio and  can be used in CANoe/CANalyzer for symbolic access and interpretation of diagnostic services and parameters.

ODX – Open Diagnostic Data Exchange

ODX files (Open Diagnostic Data Exchange) also carry diagnostic data. This data can be divided into several ODX files and stored in PDX files (ODX archives). Since a single ODX file does not contain enough information for a diagnostic tester, Vector recommends to use PDX (packed ODX) files instead which contain all relevant single ODX files. The usage of PDX files is similar to the usage of CDD files.

MDX – Multiplex Diagnostic Data Exchange

MDX files (Multiplex Diagnostic Exchange) is an OEM-specific format carrying diagnostic data as well. The usage of MDX files is similar to the usage of ODX archive files.

Basic Diagnostic Description (UDS or KWP)

Compared to the above Diagnostic Description formats, they only have limited functionality: since Basic Diagnostic Descriptions do not contain a fault memory model and also no session model.


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