Problem: Storing and accessing packed data

packet data – data stored concurrently of defined size (file, packet, data structure).

Assumption – number of packet data number is known and fixed.

Common solution:
Like in FAT, keep data information and payload separately
– payload can move around, since pointer to it is being tracked

– system need to track changes to each packet and update data information (synchronize)
– depending of data packet, information can be duplicated
– if data is stored in NVM like flash memory, then information and payload need to be stored separately
– indirect access

Keep data and payload together
– direct access

– if data is stored in NAND/NOR flash memory, any change to data header will require whole flash page to be cleared. This can cause some serious overheat since whole copy of dataset need to be made

Case 1: Storing packet data in volatile memory
Case 2: Storing packet data in non-volatile memory